Elves with Presents

The ECC Workshop and Elves- Your one stop shop

Don’t stress over holiday gifts. Just call the EBSCO Creative Concepts elf squad. Just like the North Pole, we can help you choose the best gift, wrap it beautifully, include a personal message, and deliver it anywhere in the world. Just make us a list. We will check it twice. You alr
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Couple Reading Holiday Cards

5 Reasons to Send Holiday Cards to Customers

When budgets get tight, holiday cards can seem like a waste of time and money. However, holiday cards are one of the most cost effective ways to market your company and strengthen your customer relationships. Receiving a holiday card shows your customer that you care about their busin
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Corporate Woman Giving Gift

7 Essentials of Corporate Gift Buying

Purchasing the perfect holiday gifts for your company can be overwhelming. Many executives and employers get bogged down in choices and put off choosing their gifts to the very last minute. However, holiday gifts are the easiest way to show appreciation to your employees and customers
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Wow, Magic Cup Reveals Your Products or Staff Photo; Ten Hints for Tea with the Queen

Dazzle your customers! With this amazing mug, your office building, products, staff photo, or holiday scene will suddenly appear before their amazed eyes as their coffee or tea heats up the stoneware.  You can print your text as a “clue” on the black mug. Then, with the wa
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