Plush a Powerful Promotional Product

Don’t rule out the power of the teddy bear as a powerful promotional product. Open the door to your imagination. Think back to your childhood and that cuddly stuffed toy you just couldn’t part with. Chances are it’s still secretly hidden somewhere within your home as a treasured memen
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Golf Planner

The Secret to Planning the Ultimate Golf Tournament

Planning a golf tournament, may seem like a daunting task.  You must locate a venue, pick a date, secure sponsors, confirm a budget, calculate attendance, figure out how to market it, plan games for extra fundraising, choose products for prizes, etc… Even the most organized pers
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Countdown to Trade Show Benefits

Trade shows can be great tools for any company to reach a broader customer base.  At EBSCO Creative Concepts, we and SAGE, one of our industry partners, have counted down several points that outline trade show opportunities. Beyond these, we can offer you ALL the items you will need t
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Trade Show Help in Five Easy Tips

EBSCO Creative Concepts is more than a promotional products company. We also have, under our broad collective belt, some experience in trade shows and the preparation thereof. And ’tis the trade show season. Here are five tips that will help your booth stand out from the rest. 1
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