Couple Reading Holiday Cards

5 Reasons to Send Holiday Cards to Customers

When budgets get tight, holiday cards can seem like a waste of time and money. However, holiday cards are one of the most cost effective ways to market your company and strengthen your customer relationships. Receiving a holiday card shows your customer that you care about their busin
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Expanding ECC

Trey Schaefer, who joined ECC in April 2012 as an Account Executive, was promoted in May to Sales Manager. Coming from his own branded products distributorship, Trey brought industry knowledge and contacts to quickly grow ECC’s overall customer base. “Trey has been a tremendous asset
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5 Tips on Reducing Stress in the Workplace

Ever have one of those days where you have a big project with a looming deadline and every time you get inspired your phone rings, a co-worker stops by, or your calendar reminders you of yet another meeting. There’s no time to head out for lunch, so you grab a chocolate bar and a soda
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Culture of Respect

by Danny Rosin, of Promo Kitchen With 20 years in the industry, I have seen a lot. I’ve been on the other end of the phone trying to get information from a supplier about a $10,000 opportunity, where the supplier said they would call me back within the hour with the basic stock
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