Green Policy

Sustainable Business Practices

EBSCO maintains environmentally sound business practices while responsibly managing consumption and waste during daily operations. To aid in this effort, ECC works with employee-led teams at International Headquarters and other facilities. These teams work together in researching and implementing new programs to lessen EBSCO’s environmental footprint. EBSCO makes eco-friendly choices from the start, minimizing overall environmental impact and lessening cleanup in the future. EBSCO dedicates extra time and resources to researching these options and strives to select the most reputable and environmentally conscious companies with whom to contract.

Office waste

Business today is electronically driven, making the environmental impact of electronic waste, or e-waste, which includes computers, mobile phones, pagers and printer cartridges, a growing concern. EBSCO works with computer manufacturer Hewlett Packard to recycle all computer waste in return for vouchers that offset the cost of new machines. Employees participate by using specially marked boxes stationed throughout EBSCO International Headquarters to recycle phones, pagers and printer cartridges. Funds from this program benefit local charities.

Other waste is disposed of with an eye toward minimizing environmental impact. Aluminum can crushers and plastic recycling bins are placed in employee break areas, offering employees another way to participate in the company’s efforts. A drive-up bin on the International Headquarters property makes it easy for employees to bring items from home for recycling.

EBSCO supports an intensive paper-recycling program for both white paper products and magazines. Employees are encouraged to bring magazines from home for recycling. Recycled paper and paper products are used throughout our facilities, from printer paper to paper towels and napkins.

EBSCO works closely with its divisions and customers to maintain current recycling and conservation initiatives worldwide. By monitoring practices and procedures, EBSCO is able to pinpoint and address areas where new sustainable initiatives can be implemented and help ensure a better tomorrow.